What is OpenInterests.eu?

OpenInterests.eu is a catalogue of political and commercial actors related to the European Union. The project combines different sets of information into a search engine, which can be used to quickly retrieve information about the activities of companies, people and institutions in a European context.

Data sources

Currently, the following data sources are included in the catalogue:

We'd be delighted to see others re-use the data gathered for OpenInterests. If you're interested in retrieving any of these datasets, please get in touch.


OpenInterests.eu includes work from a number of sources, and thus credit is due to the many people who have helped make it: the LobbyFacts project team - Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) and LobbyControl, OKFN Labs and Knight-Mozilla OpenNews.


Please submit bug reports, feature ideas and source patches to the repository on GitHub.

For other inquries, get in touch with @pudo via Mail or Twitter. Also, sign up to the lobbying-transparency Google group.