Island Panorama Organisation


Objectives


The main objectives of the centre is to build a tolerant,non racial,non prejudiced and non discriminative Icelandic society

We believe that free speech means being morally responsible in whatever we say or do

We therefore promote,encourage and campaign for diversity,inclusion,acceptance and understanding.Our aim is to educate,support and train society in this respect.

We raise awareness and bring to focus the fact that various societal influences are often the biggest obstacles and barriers that prevent us from seeing the reality.

We make it known that we have to free ourselves of these obstacles to avoid racism,discrimination,hatred,misunderstanding and prejudices.

We oppose segregation and welcome integration and inclusion in the real sense of the word.We also keep track on government policies on immigration to be able to lobby,propose and implement necessary changes.

We promote dialogues and resolve differences.We prefer to find solutions and implement practical measures where we differ.

We believe in using an attentive ear.We welcome suggestions,difference of opinions,doubts and questions.

We believe in constructive criticisms where the idea is to build up and not to destroy


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