CEN Technical Committee 260 "Fertilizers and liming materials" CEN/TC 260


Scope of CEN/TC 260:

Scope of CEN/TC 260:

Fertilizers and liming materials: Harmonization of denominations, specifications, marking, methods of test (physical and/or chemical) and safety conditions, related to fertilizers and Liming materials. Work on items covered by EEC directives currently existing should only be undertaken at the invitation of the Commission.

CEN/TC 260 elaborates


To make European Standards available related to:

• Methods of sampling and analysis of EC-fertilizers (Mandates M/335, M/418 and M/454) regarding the following main aspects:

- Quality and composition

- Instrumental methods for the determination of heavy metals

- Tolerances on analytical methods

- Methods on new types of fertilizers

• Liming materials


• Since 1995, about 80 European Standards, 12 Technical Specifications and 6 CEN-Reports were adopted.

• Harmonization of methods of sampling and analysis of fertilizers and liming materials, necessary for a European and worldwide market regarding these products.

• The need of the European Commission to modernise and harmonise methods of sampling and analysis, reinforced by regulation (EC) No 2003/2003.


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