14 Oct

A Refugee’s Nightmare – Can Authorities Screen Them At Sea?


While many debates about the current situation regarding refugees and migrants, many laws care and protect these individuals that reach countries for a change of life or even to survive, but right now the condition of these laws are being questioned.

The Sea Is Their Entrance Way

While many of these migrants come from the sea, a new law has been putting the refugees on a ship while they pass a screening to see if they qualify for obtaining an asylum in the country. This, of course, can be problematic for many migrants that wish to a place in Europe.

Proposes Have Been Made

One of the propositions that are being made is that the screening should last at least a couple of days since they add that the screening is not being fair for many. Not to mention the addition of those migrants that don’t apply or are denied for an asylum shouldn’t enter Europe at all.

How The Screening Will Solve Anything?

But now you might ask yourself ¿how the process of screening and saving these refugees work?  Well, after finding the refugees at the sea and are secure that everyone is alright. They take them to the nearest safe harbor. Here is when they start their asylum application.

But in theory, when all the migrants are rescued they should be taken to the nearest European port. Here is when the European authority takes the task of preceding the application for asylum. There are also some European countries that volunteer to aid the refugees and process the majority of the asylum claims.

Some People Think Closing The Mediterranean Is The Way

But countries such as Greece and others that lie in the Mediterranean path of the European Union say that they are being flooded with amounts of asylum claims from migrants, they also explain that they are being practically forced by helping these migrants with their asylum demands.

And while the problem with migrants seems to become worse each time, the solution might lie ahead in the future changes that the EU might have in these scenarios.