about-openinterestsHello, my name is Lou Saylor, and since I was a child, I became fascinated with the laws and what they represent. With the years gone by, I graduated as a lawyer to defend an innocent person and make their rights worth.

But nowadays, a lot of citizens forget their basic rights. Such as the right of free speech, this can be demonstrated just by looking at the local news and see how much of them forget about their most fundamental right that is to demand a proper service and care.

Germany is going through a rough time and a lot of citizens have taken notice of that. But without a proper source of information to read about these events is almost impossible to keep track of what’s happening in our own country.

That’s why I took the job of creating OpenInterests, an informative blog that has everything in the latest news of our country, and all with the details and crucial information that you need to keep being informed.

My job is to report the latest updates in cases and news regarding our nation and report them on this informative blog. To the purpose of keeping all my readers informed and let them know what their rights as citizens of Germany.