19 Oct

The European Union Proposed Solution to the Migration Crisis


Now one of the biggest problems that the European Union has nowadays is the issue regarding the migrants and their situation. Not mentioning the problems that convey with the asylum and the social issues that the migrants can cause in the society of the European Union.

But they might be a solution for these problems now that the head of the European Parliament has given a statement followed by many ideas that can finally put an end to the rough situation of many refugees and migrants that come to the European Union for a new life.

Problems For Everyone


One of those problems is that if any country denies the opportunity to host refugees, they can end up paying more for the European Union migration and help the development projects in Africa.

With a quick recap of the events regarding the migration issue in the European Union. While many countries accept that the European Union has to take some migrants, other countries that are also part of the European Union rejects these propositions.

A Few Suggestions Were Said


That’s why one of the suggestions that were made is to relocate more money and funding to Africa. To the hope that many migrants out there can start developing a better life. But this, of course, is still in development since the 28 leaders of each country that conform to the European Union are still talking about the subject of migration.

But besides that is also important to know that the European Union has taken a lot of changes regarding the policy of migrants. Being stricter with the external borders of countries such as Turkey and Libya, also, is worth mentioning that the laws regarding asylum have become tougher for many migrants.

But just the fact that the European Union is still discussing the solutions of migrants is good news for any refugee or migrant that is still wandering for a place to start his life and. With the outcome of these debates, we could finally have the answer to the migration crisis.

08 Oct

Half of Europeans Think we’re Going the Wrong Way Survey Revealed


Following the results of the EU Parliament survey, the numbers of EU inhabitants believe that we are heading to the worst scenario. This is some concerning news for the European government that is thinking about avoiding a new referendum scenario.

These changes represent a sudden type of reversal in the trends that the EU was following. Just to take notice about the progressive fall of the opinion of citizens that thinks the EU is going to the right track.

The Numbers Are Going Crazy

From October of 2016, the number of citizens that think the EU is heading to a better future has dropped massively and can be considered a major drop in the last three years. And as well the number of citizens that agree that the EU is going to pass through a bad scenario soon has grown.

But before we talk about the causes of this drop and the opinions that a lot of citizens has about the current state of the EU, not everything is bad news. Since most of them also think that their country has gained a lot of benefits just by being part of the EU.

Is A Referendum The Right Answer?

This is an important subject since one of the biggest concerns for many is the thinking of a referendum in the EU. This, of course, would have negative effects on each of the countries that are part of the EU.

So just by remembering that more than the 60% of the citizens believe that their country is better, it is still part of the EU. And one of the most common opinions, when they ask about the benefits of the EU in their country, is mostly about the economic growth that their country is having in modern times.

With this survey proving that we may be going in a rough patch, is important to realize about the many benefits that each country has gained in the EU, and the growth that represents each country.