Counting words in a book: easy ways to increase word count

Writing a book is hard. It takes dedication and commitment, and it is easy to get discouraged along the way. But writing a book (check out eunewsmedia, for example) doesn’t have to be so difficult or challenging. There are several simple strategies you can employ to increase your word count and make writing your book easier. You just need to know them first! Let’s look at some of the ways you can increase the word count of a book:

Set a goal

The very first thing you need to do is set a goal for how many words you want to write in your book. What is that number for you? A word counter can come in handy! What do you need to achieve? What do you want to achieve? Your goal will determine how you will write your book. Once you have established your goal, you can determine how you will write your book. It is important to jot down these new ideas and write them down as soon as you have the idea. This way, you will have an idea for the new parts and chapters while writing the book.

Review and editing

While writing your book, you will probably find yourself making mistakes. That’s not a bad thing! Mistakes are part of the process. Some mistakes are very small, while others are big mistakes that need to be corrected. It is important to go back and correct mistakes as soon as you see them. If you don’t, you will only compound the problem by making it even more complicated. Also, as you write your book, you will probably get ideas (check writeups like Tom de Wal) for new chapters, new sections and new sections within chapters.

Use bullet points

Another way to increase your word count is to use bullet points. It is important to realise that a bullet point is simply a way of summarising information. You may think you have written a lot of information, when in fact you have written a lot of words, but not a lot of information. Bullet points are a way of condensing your information and still making it easy to understand. You can find bullet points online or make your own. You can use a bullet point as a way to summarise the information in your book by using different guidelines.

This is the most important step in writing a book, and you’d be surprised how many writers overlook it.

But you don’t have to! You can quite easily learn how to count words in any genre, and it will make all the difference in your writing. Words are an essential part of any story. They give meaning and texture to the story; they help the reader understand what is happening; they create mood; and they influence pacing.  If you want to write a book that readers will enjoy reading, it is crucial that you strike the right balance between description, dialogue and action. You need the right amount of each element, otherwise your book will read like three different novellas stuck together with clunky prose. Let’s explore why this is so important