Write for Us


With the latest coverage in the news of Germany and an insight of how our government is behaving lately regarding social topics of interest, taking control of OpenInterests and redacting new content can be a hard work for only one simple lawyer.

But my mission to overcome the ignorance in this lovable country is harder than my wish to take a rest. But even so, is almost impossible to cover the different subjects regarding the politics of Germany with only one person in charge.

So OpenInterests, being operated only by me, can slow the process of writing better articles and information. That’s why we are currently looking for any particular reader that wishes to form part of this project and has knowledge in politics or laws.

For that, I invite you to write for us and make an article or coverage on any news of your choice. If you are interested in this, please send me a message using the contact information provided in the Contact Section. Your help and abilities can be proved to be useful here, in OpenInterests.

Since our main objective is to promote the knowledge and tell the latest news that affects every one of us in this country, OpenInterests is a great option to stay informed in all the events to come in our nation.